Claim your T-Shirt here

Claim a T-Shirt here

Sponsor us with a monthly donation, and we’ll gift you our TogetherintheUK T-Shirt of your colour and size choice. These T-shirts are what we’re all about and a token of appreciation for all your support for our cause: helping people who coTGIUK Hyde Park Walk T-Shirtme to live in the UK, to settle, integrate and prosper in their new life here.

We want you to help us carry this message wide and far throughout the UK and beyond. One way of doing that is to produce these lovely shirts and share them with people that find our message compelling and want to contribute to our mission.

They can even work as a conversation piece or an ice-breaker at events.

So why not have one when you sponsor us! 

Go to our Sponsor & Donate button on the front page, or below on this page, and when it asks you to leave your details, we will get back to you to make arrangement regarding the T-Shirt.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

The TogetherintheUK Team

PS. Just in case you feel left out as a donor, you can also just buy the T-Shirt for £15.  Let us know your details from the Donor Page and we will get back to you regarding the T-Shirt.