FAQ Concertina provides an easy way for you to add FAQs to your page or blog post using the shortcode

Enter the question in the top box.

Enter the answer in the editor pane. Here you can format your text, and even include links, images and lists just like in a regular post.

If you wish you can assign an order number to your FAQ. This will determine the order that the FAQs appear in if “Order” is set to “Numerical” in Settings.

To enable you to change the order it is recommended that spaces be left in the numeric sequence thus: 10, 20, 30, etc…. In this way the order of the FAQs can be easily changed. So to make 30 the second in the sequence rather than the third simply change the order number from 30 to 15 so that it now lies between 10 and 20, thus moving 20 from being the second to being the third item in the sequence.

If you want to categorise your FAQs add one or more categories for the FAQ. (Note that this is entirely optional and unnecessary if all you want is a single list of FAQs). You can manage your categories by selecting ‘Categories’ from the ‘FAQs’ menu. If you are using categories then your shortcode will look like this:

Oh, and don’t forget to click “Publish” below when you’re done!