Festive Season Card2021

TGIUK Christmas Card

Sophie Mackenzie’s Christmas Card

We are delighted to again this year, to be able to offer our very own artist ‘Sophie MacKenzie’s‘ designed Christmas card for sale!. If you would like to send your friends and family a festive and inclusive message, you can order some from here and in doing so, support us in our journey.

If you’ve already stocked up, you can still support us by providing a donation to support us in our cause!

This is how to do it

Look up the inclusive price for the number of cards you want for either:
1 x  Card at £  3.00. or
6 x Pack at £ 15.00
1 x Donation at @ 2.00 or whatever amount you want to give
Select your option from the dropdown list and then click on Pay Here button below, making sure to leave your postal address for us to send you the cards. You can also Sponsor us monthly or to just donate an amount of your choice in support of the work we do!