Our Walk in the Park

On Saturday, we went for our multicultural walk in the park.   People were from many countries including  St Helena, Ghana, Burundi, Italy, Greece, Columbia, South Africa, Taiwan and the UK so a rainbow group which was great as following our walk, some of us went off to join Pride. It was a great opportunity to learn about different countries.  I, for instance, learnt a lot about the history of St Helena.

My previous knowledge of it had been that it was where Napoleon was exiled. Now I know that the Portuguese discovered it 500 years ago and it has been there for 2 million years and its main products are coffee and fish.  So, where else could I have had such an interesting conversation on a Saturday?


It’s well known that the best ideas and conversation come when you go for a walk and this was certainly proved on Saturday.

What else were we reminded of?  That in London, there are lots of great things to do that do not cost anything.  The park has a beautiful rose garden, lots of interesting statues, a wonderful sunken garden at Kensington Palace.

And finally, although this shouldn’t be a surprise to people from hot countries, in this weather, you need a hat, water and sunscreen if you are going for a walk. It also makes a huge difference if you are going out as a group if you all wear the same brightly coloured t-shirt.TGIUK Hyde Park Walk T-Shirt

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt,  email us and we will send you one. Cost £10.00. Make a statement that we are TogetherintheUK.


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