About Us

The TogetherintheUK Story

TogetherintheUK (TGIUK) started in 2016 with the concept that sharing migrant stories would support migrants and refugees in making their life in the UK. We also felt we could offer valuable support by providing access to good quality practical information. It is incredibly valuable to provide an open and inclusive platform for people to tell their stories, stories that could change perceptions and help make the UK more inclusive. Our stories are told through podcasts, blogs, opinion pieces and in a TGIUK commission research report, Moving Matters.

We also run competitions to give people a platform to share their creative talents. In August 2023, in association with Victorina Press, TGIUK published an anthology of writings on migration, Hear Our Stories.

Please read the blog celebrating our seventh anniversary to learn more about our story and the wonderful people involved in TGIUK.

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What We Do

Mission Statement

TGIUK is an impartial non-profit making social enterprise. Our mission is two-fold: to provide an unbiased communications platform for migrants and refugees to safely share their stories while providing them with reliable advice and insights into life in the UK.

A team of volunteers carries out all our work, and our primary goal is to share migrant stories, many told directly by those with lived experiences, along with thought pieces on topical issues concerning migrants and refugees. We publish these insights into the many different communities in the UK on our website and our other social media platforms.

To help migrants and refugees adjust to living in the UK and understand the British system across areas such as healthcare, education, work, and accommodation, we have developed a series of Practical Information on life and living in the UK. We update these regularly to reflect changes.

In addition, we offer training to organisations to help bring out the best of their migrant workforce, and for those looking to start work, we host a free CV and Interview Preparation workshop.

To raise funds, supporters can purchase TGIUK Christmas cards, t-shirts, our ebook and our anthology of migrant writings, Hear Our Stories. You can order a copy of Hear Our Stories from Victorina Press. Any money we raise is reinvested into developing our TGIUK website or developing products that support migrants – none of our volunteers or founders receive payment.

How We Operate

How we conduct our business and interact with stakeholders through our vision and values is as vital to TGIUK as our mission.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to encourage society to embrace the stories of migrants and refugees and to recognise the challenges of leaving your country of origin and starting a new life in a different country.

Our vision provides a long-term focus and strategy and aims to bridge the current situation for migrants and refugees to a better future.

Value Statement

Placing the best interests of our community at the heart of everything we do and, in doing so, treat people with respect and compassion.

Our value statement provides a framework of behaviour that extends beyond TGIUK and acts as a moral compass for each of us in our day-to-day lives.

Values (MICRA)

  1. Migrant and refugee centered: Putting the best interests of migrants and refugees at the heart of all our work.
  2. Inclusive: Working objectively and respectfully with migrants, refugees, partners, and volunteers regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, background, or health.
  3. Compassion: Always treating people with compassion and dignity.
  4. Reliable: Always behaving in a reliable and ethical manner when interacting with our internal and external community.
  5. Agile: Having the mindset to adapt to changing circumstances and situations, ensuring we give our migrants and refugees a voice.

Every member of TGIUK, from our volunteers and founders to our patrons and suppliers, holds our MICRA values in common. They guide us as we work with our colleagues and when we meet with migrants and refugees. By placing the best interest of migrants and refugees at the heart of everything we do, we ensure we are compassionate, reliable, and inclusive. In a country where the situation for migrants and refugees is very dynamic, we are empowered to adapt our strategy while maintaining excellence in our approach.

Our People

Executive Team

Johann Taljaard, Chair

Teresa Norman

Creator | Chief Executive


Teresa set up TGIUK (TogetherintheUK) CIC in 2016. Following a career in HR and fifteen years in the civil service, she is now pursuing her dream and making TGIUK live and grow.

She was born in the UK and has always lived here. ‘TGIUK is about creating a platform where we all learn from each other about living together in the UK’

Johann Taljaard, Chair

Johann Taljaard

Founder | Chair


Johann is an experienced business professional, executive coach and has worked at a senior level in business for the past 20 years. During the past 30 years, he has founded and set up a number of businesses, both in his host country Britain as well as in his home country South Africa, where he grew up. He has been living in the Uk for the past 20 years and has also lived in Holland for a time. He now focuses mainly on strategy and leading the board at TogetherintheUK.

Kosta Eleftheriadis, Founder Director Governance at TogetherintheUK

Kosta Eleftheriadis

Co-founder | Social Media


Kosta has experience of many different jobs in the UK including hospitality and health service administration.

At TGIUK, Kosta leads on Facebook, customer research, corporate governance and risk management.

Kosta grew up in Greece.

Fatkma Mustafa, Founder Director Commerce at TogetherintheUK

Fatkma Mustafa

Co-founder| Commercial


Fatkma Mustafa leads on project management and commercial.

Fatkma works as a civil engineer and her role in TGIUK is to lead on product development, business planning and project management.

Strategic Team

Samadi Bermeo

Sinéad Mangan-Mc Hale

Strategy Adviser | Content Creator


Sinéad is an experienced international marketing and communications consultant. Originally from Ireland, she has spent most of her life as an economic migrant working and living in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. She is very experienced in the challenges of integrating into new and diverse environments and cultures.

On her return to the UK in 2021, Sinead started to volunteer with TGIUK. With her background in strategic marketing and communications, she works closely with the team on TGIUK’s development and strategic planning. She provides regular content for TGIUK developing topic thinkpieces and meeting with migrants and refugees to ensure that their stories are told in their own words. She is a co-editor of Hear Our Stories, the TGIUK anthology of writings on migration


Selfie photo of Adina Maglan

Adina Maglan

Strategy Adviser


Adina joined TGIUK in October 2021. She contributes to project development and strategy by applying her skills gained through working for over 7 years in the public and voluntary sectors. She graduated from Birkbeck where she studied Community Development, Equalities, and Public Policy, Adina has a strong insight into the policy context in relation to Brexit and hard to reach migrant groups.

A migrant herself, Adina has also helped setup various voluntary sector projects across the years and contributed to pioneering work in relation to engagement and representation of Eastern European migrants in the UK.

Content Team

Sophie Wright

Sophie Wright

Graphic Designer | Digital Artist


Sophie has just joined the TGIUK team in autumn 2018. Born in Edinburgh she moved down to London as a child where she has lived ever since. She is a trained actor-musician who also works as a freelance digital artist.

She is the artist behind the cover of Hear Our Stories, an anthology of writings on migration.


Adam Świtała

Podcast Editor


Adam is a Polish musician living in Iceland who works with the Polish community to help them live an inclusive life in their new country, through music.

He’s happy to support TogetherintheUK’s initiatives and is learning a lot by being part.

Sophie Wright

Khushi Handa



Coming from India to study in the UK, Khushi has recently completed her MA in English Linguistics from University College London. Having worked in varied roles like creative writing, hospitality and social outreach leadership, she now wants to be the pen behind the voices of different cultures and communities living and thriving in the UK. 

She aims to bring this melting pot of ideas, behaviours and cultures to the public through stories of the migrant population in the UK. 

She can easily hold and keep a conversation if it is about food, working out, or discussing the spectacle called human nature. 

Social Media Team

Lara Bryant profile photo

Lara Bryant

Social Media Content Producer


Lara has just completed her MA in International Journalism at City, University of London and is planning a career in journalism and social media. She has written articles for online publications such as The Tab London and Good News Shared on a wide range of topics from current affairs to arts and culture. She has enjoyed volunteering in social media and comms roles for various organisations.

She joined in October 2023 to develop her skills, support people in the community and to help grow the TGIUK community.

Muhammed Fajri selfie photo

Muhammed Fajri

Social Media Content Producer


Muhammad is from Jakarta, Indonesia and has lived in the UK since 2019. He organised health campaigns and advocacy projects when he was studying medicine. He is excited to apply his skills to help grow the TGIUK audience and learn from TGIUK. During his free time, Muhammad likes to play the piano and cook.

Web Team

Nicolae Lani

Iris Zibenberg

Product Designer


Product designer based in Israel.
Joined the TGIUK as a user experience designer, she is responsible for designing the website and creating a user-friendly and accessible website.

Portrait of Hamma Al Bachitie

Hammad ALbachitie

Website Support


Hammad is an IT expert with two masters degrees with one in Information Systems and the other in Business and Management. He joined the TGIUK organisation because he wants to support TGIUK as much as he can in the web design field and digital marketing domain.

Photo of William Kan

William Kan

Website Developer


William supports TGIUK’s digital presence as a web developer. Based in London, he has pivoted from working overseas and in the UK in construction, retraining   in the web and software industry.

William enjoys continually applying new technologies and tinkering with programming tools to enhance his capabilities as a developer. He began his career in the non-profit sector and enjoys applying his technical skills for good causes.

He joined Oct 2023 in order to support TGIUK enhance its digital presence and help achieve its goals.

Project Office and Fundraising Team

John Ho

John Ho

Head of Insight | Strategist | Programme Manager


Having lived and studied in different regions in East Asia, John moved to London in 2015. He has led customer and operational strategy projects for various organisations, and is keen to apply his analytical and strategic thinking to drive fundraising at TGIUK.

As a migrant himself, John is excited about helping others settle into the British community.

John Ho

Janejude Ighofose.

Assistant Grant Bidder


Janejude joined in July 2024. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in international human resource management at Portsmouth University. She is deeply passionate about advocating for the well-being and inclusion of diverse communities. During her National Youth Service Year in Nigeria in 2022, she was actively involved in similar initiatives as a member of Sustainable Development Growth. Her skillset encompasses time management, educational research, curriculum development, planning and co-ordination, detail-oriented, team building, problem-solving, negotiation, and active listening. She chose TogetherintheUK for its creativity and work in sharing migrant stories.

Commercial Team

Ricardo Hernandez portrait photo

Ricardo Hernandez

Product Designer


Ricardo Hernández is 29 , he is from Colombia. He is an architect, graduating from the National University of Colombia, Branch of Manizales. He has experience in architectural and urban design, comprehensive preparation of projects and supervision of construction and designs. This includes architectural, electrical, hydro sanitary plans, and 3D production.

He is currently studying for a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Westminster. He joined in June 2023 because he liked the idea of working to help people from different countries and cultures.

Bushra profile photo

Bushra Mukadam

Digital Projects Co-ordinator


Bushra contributes to TogetherintheUK’s digital journey, She has worked with the web development team, using responsive design principles to ensure a good user experience.

She works in project management, using management tools such as SWOT analysis to craft strategies that generate revenue and ensure going support for TGIUK’s initatives.  Bushra’ s background is in economics.

Ricardo Hernandez portrait photo

Abdul Mustafá

Data Analyst


I am a Master’s student in Sustainability and Innovation Management at the University of Westminster, with a background in Economics and Business Administration. My experience spans diverse facets such as human talent management, business and government consultancy, and pedagogy, with a focus on database management and analysis and public policy impact on the economy and society. TogetherintheUK is an organisation committed to creating a safe space for people to share their stories and life advice in the UK. Therefore, the opportunity to volunteer as a data analyst matches my values of inclusion and social impact from data analysis.


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Get Involved

You can support the work of TGIUK in many ways, and any support or endorsements can contribute to achieving our mission and vision.

TGIUK is a community organisation, and any money raised through donations or the sale of TGIUK products is reinvested into sharing more migrant stories through sponsoring events, maintaining the website, and raising awareness of our work. We are very grateful for any donations and it goes a long way.

Our fundamental goal is to share migrant and refugee stories. Please subscribe to keep this important information flow and receive our newsletter.


TGIUK is a volunteer-based organisation, and we are always looking for like-minded people to volunteer and support us in many ways. For further information on volunteering with TGIUK, please email Teresa Norman at tgiuk@togetherintheuk.co.uk.

TGIUK and its volunteers adhere to our Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities policies.