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For me, a good story does not tell us how to think, but rather gives us questions to make us think,

Lord Alf Dubs

Latest News – Read TogetherintheUK’s latest blog – Recognising and Navigating Loneliness in a Multicultural Environment.

The irony of loneliness is that a person can feel lonely in a room full of people. There are many forms of loneliness, not least when you feel an “outsider” in a country that does not at first resonate with your own culture. There may not be a cure for feeling lonely but there are ways to recognise and adapt.

Sharing Stories

Sharing the lived stories of migrants and refugees in the UK is at the heart of everything we do at TogetherintheUK (TGIUK). We strongly believe that storytelling is the most powerful way to share migrants’ experiences enabling a personal and emotional connection between the storyteller and their audiences. It is through sharing stories that together we can break down the stereotypes and misconceptions that some people may have about migration and migrants. TGIUK speaks directly to migrants and refugees, sharing their stories and highlighting the challenges and obstacles they may face, such as discrimination, lack of access to resources, and difficulty navigating new environments. We need you as journalists, to share their stories. To find out more about TGIUK go to ABOUT US | TogetherintheUK

If you wish to share any of our stories or podcasts that feature on our website or to arrange to meet with any of our storytellers directly or for any other reason, contact us on We will be delighted to help you.

A lady wearing a hijab being interviewed by a male in a podcast recording setting

Reviews for Hear Our Stories, an anthology of writings on migration

At its heart, “Hear Our Stories” explores themes such as storytelling, memories, trauma, dreams, the pursuit of a better life, the desire to be seen and accepted, the quest for home, and the complex dynamics of “outsider” and “otherness”.

Aiyanna Bucao,


Migration! Such a tangled subject, so many opinions, so many voices, but who is listening to the migrants themselves? Now someone has given them a place to air their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and what a dazzling medley it is. “Hear Our Stories” is a collection of prose and poetry gathered by TogetherintheUK.

Writer for Migrant Voice

Migrant Voice Organisation

Moving, sometimes amusing, immigrants relate the trials and joys of rebuilding their lives in Britain. The poetry, composed in an unfamiliar language, is a special delight, though you might be reduced to tears at times.


A couple of these stories brought tears to my eyes, even though my own story also appears in it I wasn’t prepared for the mental impact some of the other accounts of migration had on me.

Sonja Morgenstern

Hear Our Stories is an inspiring and insightful collection of poetry and prose on the topic of migration from those who have first-hand experience of being a migrant, and have travelled to the UK in the hope of a better life for themselves, and in many cases, their families. This intimate collection is a collaborative effort between TogetherintheUK and Victorina Press, and the work of editors Teresa Norman, Sinéad Mangan-McHale and Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes, who compiled the contributions of 38 migrant and refugee authors.

Meg Shona Halpin-Webster

Graduate eLearning Content Writer, Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company

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TGIUK has developed a range of publications focusing on the stories and lives of migrants in the UK. 

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TGIUK holds and participates in events which promote the support and integration of migrants in the UK.

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TGIUK believe in showcasing the talents of migrants and have held both a photography and a writing competition. The competitions give migrants the opportunities to share their thoughts and experiences through their artistic and creative skills.

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