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TogetherintheUK helps people who have come to the UK live an inclusive life through sharing insights from people who have made a similar journey.

Moving Matters

View details of one of our previous events : Moving Matters where there was a discussion on the challenges of creating a new a life in the UK and the launch of a report on the subject.

 Migrants face many challenges in creating a new life here. Through research, engagment and story telling, TogetherintheUK shares powerful insights.  Go to UK life to find out really useful information and to Stories to find out more about the challenges and joys of migration.


Moving beyond ‘East and West’: An Interview with John Ho

In this blog, Noha is in conversation with John Ho, a member of the TGIUK team. Here, Noha...

Celebrating Black History Month: Noha reviews ‘Rocks’

'Friendship as the beating heart': A review of 'Rocks' A brilliant, warm, joyous and...

National Boss Day 2020

October 16th is National Boss Day! Yes, we know another American led internet day to mark...

From Zimbabwe to Manchester

Amanda aged 15 at the Arndale Centre Amanda moved from Zimbabwe to the Manchester area of the UK...

A European love story – Made in the UK

Monica shares her 1950’s UK love story It was April 1954 when I finished form at a protestant nun...

Friendship through Food

Noha reflects on International Friendship Day International Friendship Day was on July 30th and it...

Navigating Britain – e-Book Promotion

We are very proud to present our very first e-book. An anthology of migrant stories. Ranging from...

Building the Foundations: An interview with Michele Bent on her parents’ story as Windrush migrants

Harold and Carmen Bowen Harold and Carmen Bowen are two members of the Windrush generation. Both...

Reinvention through Migration: Carlos’s story

'I wanted to the opportunity to reinvent myself’ Carlos moved to London from Lisbon, Portugal in...

A British-born perspective on multiculturalism and migration

At TGIUK, we’re big proponents of multiculturalism. It is embedded in the purpose of our site; why...

Moving Matters

Read a synopsis of the Moving Matters event and details of the report launch

Moving Matters Report

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The 1960s journey from Barbados to the UK

Michele Bent shares her parents’ story, the trials and the triumphs.

Working in Migration

Richard Williams discusses his policy work supporting asylum seekers and refugees.

From Aleppo to Telford

The story continues. Nour shares the challenges and joys of her ten years in the UK.”

Migration: Together is the way!

Migration: Kosta is a co – founder/director at TogetherintheUK, member of KO Crime and business partner /manager of artist,  Anthony *aNt”

Migration: How to Connect - E3

Migration: Teresa talks to Jamie McPherson on”Supporting people held in immigration detention”

Migration: How to Connect - E2

Migration: Teresa speaks to Kitty Madar an immigrant from Hungary. They explore Kitty’s ten years in London.

Migration: How to connect - E1

Migration: A discussion with a Polish musician who migrated to Iceland

Welcome Presents a warm welcome with Food, Film and Friendship’

Interview with Welcome Kitchen and Presents Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by...

The vital importance of social connection – an interview with TimePeace

Interview with TimePeace. Photo from a TimePeace event Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by...

Making a new start – with the right support

Betty with her hosts, Mary and Stefania. Betty was granted leave to remain in the summer....

An interview with Brighton Table Tennis Club

Brighton Table Tennis Club has had a lot of coverage for how open and inclusive it is. It has won...

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