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TogetherintheUK helps people who have come to the UK live an inclusive life through sharing insights from people who have made a similar journey.

Moving Matters

View details of one of our previous events : Moving Matters where there was a discussion on the challenges of creating a new a life in the UK and the launch of a report on the subject.

 Migrants face many challenges in creating a new life here. Through research, engagment and story telling, TogetherintheUK shares powerful insights.  Go to UK life to find out really useful information and to Stories to find out more about the challenges and joys of migration.


‘Born in the right country at the wrong time’: Refugee Tales III

TogetherintheUK is not a campaigning organisation but we do recognise the hardship of migration...

The Call We All Dread

To be able to say goodbye and be part of the burial process is important in coming to terms with...

Love and solidarity in the West Midlands

‘From The Earth Upwards’ – Morshed Akhtar (mixed media) A landscape shot of a tranquil canal,...

A conversation between Dayana and Teresa of TogetherintheUK

Dayana’s shares her story of her path to a Tier Two Visa Tell me your story of studying in the UK...

Struggling for, struggling with “I”: on Jay Bernard’s ‘Poetry & I’

‘What is this world? Who made it like this? Why? Who am I within it?’ Jay Bernard asks in their...

Building Close Connections

As a migrant, making friends is a vital step in building your life in the UK There is no question...

Connecting Cultures – An Insight into Ramadan

As a migrant, embracing a new culture can be exhilarating, and for many, respecting the traditions...

Your National Insurance Number – it’s important

If you work in the UK, you need a National Insurance (NI) number, but don’t be fooled by agencies...

The Power of Poetry

Written together with Muna Alyusuf A celebration of poetry which resonates across all cultures...

Running a Story Telling Competition

In this short blog, we would like to tell you a little more about what the ups and downs and what...

Writers Who Inspire Us

TogetherintheUK launched their very own Creative Writing Competition with the hope to hear your...

Bringing Together Two Cultures; Spanglish

An Interview with Cristian Pedraza Find out about how you can improve your Spanish or your English...

An Interview with Sunder Katwala – Part 2

This interview is Part Two of Noha’s interview with Sunder Katwala, the Director of British...

An interview with Sunder Katwala Part 1

‘Its about being integral to the society you are a part of’ In this interview, Noha is in...

Moving Matters

Read a synopsis of the Moving Matters event and details of the report launch

Moving Matters Report

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Migration: How to Connect - E3

Migration: Teresa talks to Jamie McPherson on”Supporting people held in immigration detention”

Migration: How to Connect - E2

Migration: Teresa speaks to Kitty Madar an immigrant from Hungary. They explore Kitty’s ten years in London.

Migration: How to connect - E1

Migration: A discussion with a Polish musician who migrated to Iceland

'Faith, Belonging and Cultural Identity

Teresa Norman in conversation with the actor, Sadiqa Esmail, about Faith, Belonging and Cultural Identity

Salsa-ing from Colombia to multi-cultural London

Teresa Norman in conversation with Cristian Pedraza founder of Spanglish, a multicultural platform.

From the Goldmines of South Africa to multicultural London

Teresa Norman in conversation with cofounder and friend Johann about his journey to the UK

The 1960s journey from Barbados to the UK

Michele Bent shares her parents’ story, the trials and the triumphs.

Working in Migration

Richard Williams discusses his policy work supporting asylum seekers and refugees.

From Aleppo to Telford

The story continues. Nour shares the challenges and joys of her ten years in the UK.”

Migration: Together is the way!

Migration: Kosta is a co – founder/director at TogetherintheUK, member of KO Crime and business partner /manager of artist,  Anthony *aNt”

Welcome Presents a warm welcome with Food, Film and Friendship’

Interview with Welcome Kitchen and Presents Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by...

The vital importance of social connection – an interview with TimePeace

Interview with TimePeace. Photo from a TimePeace event Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by...

Making a new start – with the right support

Betty with her hosts, Mary and Stefania. Betty was granted leave to remain in the summer....

An interview with Brighton Table Tennis Club

Brighton Table Tennis Club has had a lot of coverage for how open and inclusive it is. It has won...

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