TogetherintheUK is a storytelling platform, we tell stories of what it is like to migrate to the UK and we provide really useful information.  You can find us on Instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube.

We started in 2016 and since then we have published research into migration Moving Matters: The Challenges and Solutions to Creating a Life in the UK (, ran a storytelling competition ( Running a Story Telling Competition | TogetherInTheUK) published well over 150 blogs – including creative work, interviews and top tips and made at least 12 podcasts.  Our top blog for some time has been the one where a child explains the new marking system, very helpful for all of us adults.  Year 8 and the new marking system | TogetherInTheUK

We have held different events, working with TimePeace we regularly hold a Poetry Hour. The Power of Poetry | TogetherInTheUK. Martin Plaut, a former journalist at the BBC ran a workshop for us ‘how to tell a story that finds an audience’ How to tell a story that finds an audience: A workshop on storytelling by Martin Plaut | TogetherInTheUK

We launched our website and our research report at the Migration Museum in 2019.  In 2020, we held a major event in partnership with Union Chapel, ‘Making Migration Work’ when we heard the stories and music of migrants to the UK  . In 2021, we held the StoryTelling Awards ceremony at Union Chapel.

We have learnt it takes courage and resilience to make a life in a new country and that kindness and generosity matter.

If you would like to talk to us about how much we have learnt and what we are doing email: