More observations

Published by: tgiuk

Published on: 29 Jan, 2016

Here are a few quick observations from people from around the world:

Pakistani man: we are quite selfish here in that in Pakistan, you would cook for everyone and make a pot of food for everyone, here we make tea for ourselves and just make sure that the fridge is stocked for our needs and not everyone we are sharing with.  I think this is because we are so busy, we have teabags now where as in my parents’ day, you would make a pot of tea for sharing.

Pakistani Christian: The English are less religious than she thought. She imagined we would all go to church on Sundays. She was astounded when she first came here how busy we are and now she feels just as busy as everyonelse.

African Christian: there is far more for children to do than in Africa, here women have more rights and we have freedom of speech.

Latvian: she loves the history.

Polish: we worry too much about other people’s feelings, sometimes this is good but sometimes its too much.



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