As we are celebrating October as the Black History Month, where the focus is on the wealth of contribution and influences that black people have brought to the UK over significant periods of time. One woman, in particular, stands out and would dispel and debunk so many myths and prejudices if she could speak up today.

She does, however, speak up through science and evidence that black people have lived on our shores for nearly two thousand years. Not only had she lived here, but it turns out that she was a prominent member of the Roman Society. This almost certainly makes her the first black Briton! We celebrate her and many others that followed to this day!  –  Johann. (Sources: BBC

Although we know little about her life, this woman’s remains have given us a remarkable insight into the long history of Africans living in Britain.Beachy Head Lady

In 2012, archaeologists examined skeletons found during the 19th Century. Analysis revealed one skeleton, named Beachy Head Lady after the Eastbourne beauty spot where she was discovered, belonged to a woman of sub-Saharan African descent from around 125 AD.

She had lived in England most of her life and held a relatively high position in Roman society. The first black Briton known to us, she confirms the African presence in Britain stretches back to the second and third centuries.