National Boss Day 2020

Published by: Isy Paton

Published on: 17 Oct, 2020

Coming to the UK, migrants have to adjust to a different culture, but what about adjusting to a very different management style at work? Discover how many migrants enjoy a more positive relationship with their boss in the UK.

October 16th is National Boss Day! Yes, we know another American led internet day to mark something that could quite easily go unnoticed, however this year we thought we would take a look a little closer at this national day.

Did you know that one in 7 UK businesses are started by migrants? Or that of the UK’s top unicorn businesses (those with profits of more than £1b) nine out of 10 have at least one immigrant or a child born to first-generation immigrants in their founding team.

The biggest obstacles faced by migrants when starting a company in the UK are language barriers and finance, however a little guidance can go along way. Websites like TogetherintheUK can offer tips from other migrants and useful advice on how to manage your finances and how to translate your qualifications for use in the UK.

But what is it like working for a boss in the UK? We spoke to a number of migrants who said they felt that bosses in the UK were more relaxed. Fatkma is from Colombia and works in Civil Engineering, she says that back in Colombia her boss was more detached, but in the UK ‘we are all colleagues.’ Chair of TogetherintheUK, Johann Taljaard migrated to the UK from Cape Town in South Africa where he was the owner and founder of a Technology Business. He has also seen the personable side of a UK boss; “I made a huge mistake in an interview and still got the job, months later my boss told me that the reason he employed me was because I could recover from the mistake and convince the interviewing team that I was still the best candidate.”

Vivien moved to the UK 8 years ago from Hungary and the biggest difference she has found working in the UK is that bosses here have been keen to help her progress. As an experienced manager working in hospitality, she wanted to make the jump to HR and started studying for her Diploma, after discussing this with her boss, she was given the opportunity to work alongside the HR Director and now works for an independent restaurant company in Central London.

We realise at the moment the job market is a difficult place, whether you are looking to be your own boss in the UK or looking for your next opportunity one thing is evident a good boss will treat you as an equal, help you to progress and should be celebrated, especially today!

You can find out more about how to manage your finances, qualifications, interview advice and more on the TogetherintheUK website –

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