Volunteers’ Week, 1st to 7th June

Published by: Johann Taljaard

Published on: 30 May, 2018

Volunteer’s Week

The UK has hundreds of volunteering opportunities and these are great ways of connecting with your local community and making a difference. It’s also a good way of gaining that vital experience that helps you get a job or your next job. If you are in London and thinking about volunteering, go to Team London, a site run by the Mayor which has lots of opportunities or try the NCVO.

Another feature of volunteering is that it helps your wellbeing. The New Economics Foundation has developed a model which sets out 5 steps to wellbeing. You chalk up 3 of these by volunteering:

• Connect – connecting with other people really makes a difference
• Be active – this is really about physical activity
• Take notice – noticing what is around you and taking pleasure in the everyday
• Learn – learning new things is really good for us
• Give – do something for somebody else – it makes you feel good!

So, there are lots of places to look and lots of benefits for you in volunteering but if you are interested in one of the biggest issues of today, immigration, come and work with us. TGIUK is looking for a Graphic Designer and a WebMaster. This is work you can do from home when you have some time, and on top of this, you would also join a multicultural dynamic team. You would learn lots about migration but also about making a new social enterprise work, including social media.

“When I’ve joined TGIUK earlier this year, I was mainly looking for a way to put my skills into use for a cause that interests me as well concerns me directly: migration in the UK. What I quickly found out was that volunteering gave me a much bigger opportunity: discovering the stories and experiences of so many others, turned out to be the best way to discover myself and feel more of an integral part of the community.”

Amina, one of our latest volunteers –

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