Helpfulness and applying for jobs

Published by: tgiuk

Published on: 16 Apr, 2016

Gianni’s story here comments on our helpfulness as well as the opportunities that there are in the UK but also is again showing us how online the UK is.  A few years ago, we would have been writing letters with application forms or c.vs (resumes) to apply for jobs. Now, you need to know the art of filling in an online form to apply for a job.

I am a 20 years old footballer from Greece and I came about 3 months ago to the UK to search for football team to play in , as  the level of teams as well as the opportunities offered are more. I am currently staying with a friend while training and trying out for teams whilst searching for a morning job to be able to make some money to survive. What surprised me when I came to the UK, London to be precise ,is how everyone, no matter where they come from are willing to show you the way or help you in general, when you asked them. I was also surprised how helpful police are when you ask them in the street in comparison with back home. There are a few things, I would like to know before I came here. One of them is the language. I should have learnt and practiced more before I came to live here. The other thing, I would like to have known would be the process of finding a job in the UK. It is different in Greece where you can give your CV in paper or maybe know someone who will be able to get you a job through contacts, whereas in the UK most applications are done online.

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