6 curious facts about the UK

Published by: tgiuk

Published on: 16 May, 2016

I have asked some friends for some unusual facts about the UK and come up with some of my own so here goes:

1) its illegal to die in Parliament

2) Every 30 miles, there is a different accent

3)When road signs, give the distance to London, they mean the distance to the Charing Cross War Memorial, just outside Charing Cross station and near Trafalgar Square

4) You are never more than 100 miles from the sea (although some say 75).Most British people have happy memories of family days out to the sea,as a part of their childhood

5) Public holidays are called bank holidays because that’s what they were originally, days when the banks were shut

6) If you don’t know if someone is Welsh, English or Scottish or Northern Irish, call them british, if you are not from England itself, you don’t like being referred to as English.

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