The Art of Feedback

Published by: tgiuk

Published on: 28 Apr, 2016

The Art of Understanding and giving feedback.

I have come across feedback that the English are too careful of other people’s feelings. I have some sympathy with this, I once worked somewhere where people were told, ‘we don’t think you will get promotion here so if you want to advance your career, you will need to look around’, this actually meant that management thought it was time for you to leave. If you come from a very blunt and direct culture, reading the subtlety of how the English give feedback can be bewildering. Normund here expresses his frustration with really getting to grips with what do we mean?

arty image of feedbackOne of the aspects of UK life that has particularly stressed me is the culture and communication at work. In the places that I have worked it seems that although I worked hard to prove myself and m to move in a better position, that was not the key to achieve this as other people who were working less than me and hadn’t been employed as long as I did in those places were getting better positions. Another let-down for me was the kind of feedback I was and am still getting which has to do with a culture of not telling the truth so as to not hurt a person. When I ask about my work and how I am getting on, all I get is very positive feedback, though the results suggest otherwise. By results I mean the hours, I get as well as made to do less things than my job description involves.

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