A day at the seaside and some top tips

Published by: Teresa Norman

Published on: 20 Aug, 2018

Here are Jack’s memories of a day at the seaside this summer.

It was a bright, sunny and windy Saturday morning and my sister and I were so excited because we were going to the beach for the second time in our lives. Adrenaline was rushing in our bodies as we arrived at Liverpool station and we were going to Frinton-on-sea in Essex. When we arrived It was windy but I didn’t mind because the sun was beating down on my skin. My sister was complaining that it was too hot but I said it was going to be cooler because it was windy and the sea was going to be slightly cold. Before we could go into the sea we had to put sun cream on and wait until there was low tide.

We waited for about half an hour until we could see some golden sandy beach. There were huge waves but that made my sister and I more determined to go into the sea. We got our swimming costumes on and raced down to the beach.
The waves were huge and the water was extremely salty but my sister and I weren’t bothered by it because we were enjoying ourselves. We spent about two hours in the sea until the waves got too high and we couldn’t go in any more but my sister and I will never, forget that day

So, you can tell from the above that a day at the seaside creates wonderful memories for children but the British seaside is nothing like going to the Mediterranean or an ocean so here some top tips:

1. Check if you are going to seaside town with a sandy beach (many are stoney)

2. Take a picnic – to keep costs down and to have more time at the beach

3. Work out how you are going to change into your swimming costume on the beach (there is nowhere private for you to use unless you have a beach hut!)

4. Take a bucket and spade so children can build sandcastles

5. Be prepared to go home and shower (most British beaches do not have showers on the beach)

6. Be careful not to go too far out, and understand what the flags are telling you – the sea has dangerous currents that can pull you out. Read up on safety tips here: MetOffice – 10 Beach safety tips

A day at the seaside - beach photo-2

Lovely walks over the white chalk cliffs

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