Here comes the summer!

Published by: Teresa Norman

Published on: 25 Jul, 2018

Ok, so we are all a bit hot and sweaty in the heat and the temptation is to do nothing, to tell each other how hot we are and that’s it. But we have news for you, summer will soon be over and all the great things you can do in the open air will be forgotten as we wrap up warm. So, here are some ideas of fun things you can do in London:

The National Theatre has a free outdoor festival every weekend until August 12th.

It certainly looked like the DJ was playing great soul music last weekend.


National Theatre


If you like theatre, visit the Globe

Shakespear’s Globe

They are currently showing 4 plays and you get to see Shakespeare performed in a theatre very like the original Globe where his plays were written. Our top tip, if you are not being a groundling (standing during the performance) but have paid for a seat, its worth the extra money for a cushion.


For other Open Air Theatre, try the one at Regents Park.

Regents Park Open Air Theatre

The second half of their productions is always magical when its dark and you are watching the actors under the trees.



And if your entertainment budget is quite good, then there is the Opera at Holland Park;

OperaHolland Park

Same applies, it’s wonderful watching the staging and the singing under the night sky.

Enjoy the summer.

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