Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day, its an important day when women’s voices are are the forefront and we celebrate how far we have come, and how far we have to go. Its only just over a hundred years ago that women in the UK were allowed to vote and we have now had two female PMs but there are still jobs that no woman has ever had.  Chancellor of the Exchequer? To keep moving forward, we need women to keep being pioneers and we need our male allies.  In this lovely poem, one of our allies writes of how equality will benefit us all.  Thanks Kosta for celebrating our achievements and walking with us on the road ahead.

Author: Kosta Eleftheriadis

This day comes once in a year

To celebrate WOMEN that we love, respect

And hold to our heart so dear

They can do everything

Remember,  a queen gave birth to every king

Through history they were told

They can’t work, they can’t vote

Nonetheless they never lost hope

They become politicians

Some of them presidents

They are so capable

There’s so much evidence

It’s time for each man to be a rebel

Make sure women get treated equally

In every level

For then together, we can do much better

Collectively, we can, with no resistance

Thanks to women all over the world for your existence.