World Book Day

Published by: Johann Taljaard

Published on: 6 Mar, 2018

World Book Day

– 1st Thursday in March

“Stephen King called them ‘uniquely portable magic’ and Garrison Keillor said they’re a gift you can open again and again – we have to agree, books certainly are!”

World Book Day is a celebration of reading! Designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading (as well as authors and illustrators), this literary day is marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

In the UK, primary school children dress up as their favourite book characters which is always fun for children and a stressful or competitive time for their parents. The main aim of the day is to get children to read, and have a book of their own. National Book Tokens Ltd generously donate book tokens to schools, enabling children to choose one of ten selected (New! Free!) books from a local bookshop.

Reading to babies immerses them in the sounds and rhythms of speech, which is crucial for language development. A child reading in your lap will have your full attention, and it’ll do you good to put down electronics too! The absolute best way to celebrate World Book Day would be to find the time to do some reading. Do you have a book you just can’t get around to finishing? A book you’d love to learn from?

You don’t need a token to celebrate reading, do feel free to encourage your child to read anything and engage in conversations about this. It’s a great start to pick a topic or author your child is keen on to ignite their imagination.

The Ist March is your chance to curl up (with a cup of tea) and enjoy reading but no reason not to enjoy it every day.

Did you know?

  • Most libraries need your support! They often have an online e-catalogue too, which you can download and read from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Discover in Stratford, East London, is the UK’s first storytelling centre and has an outdoor garden.

Suggested books to read for different ages:

For the young readers

For the not so young

See here for a book review of the Good Immigrant!

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