Let it Snow!

Published by: Johann Taljaard

Published on: 1 Mar, 2018

TGIUK’s top tips to survive (and enjoy!) the snow 


I am writing this on the 1st March 2018 when spring should be arriving but instead we have Storm Emma and snow is falling.

The reason for writing this is that we have asked many people what surprised them about coming to the UK and people from Africa and other hot countries will often say the weather!


So, we want to give some advice on how to manage the snow. This is not advice for extreme cold such as experienced in the USA when people might have snow ploughs, snow shovels, snow clips for their shoes. We don’t need to go that far and indeed, as the UK is in a maritime climate and you are never more than 100 miles from the sea, we are never ready for any of the weather that comes our way. It’s not worth having special equipment for an event that might happen for ten days in the year.


So, here are TGIUK’s top tips:

  • Make sure your feet and head are warm (wear thick socks and a wool hat).
  • Make sure you have gloves and a scarf, you don’t want your hands or your chest to get cold.
  • Wear thermal underwear – this keeps you warm (try Marks and Spencer’s)
  • Don’t go out in your daywear shoes, go out in trainers or walking boots and take your office/day shoes with you, ideally in a backpack. You might fall over in ordinary shoes.
  • Go outside with a walking stick and use it to prevent you from slipping on the ice. You can get one for £7.00 in Help the Aged charity shops, which can fold up so it can go in a large bag.
  • Keep checking travel sites such as Transport for London to check what is happening on the transport system before you set out.

Now you are ready, you can enjoy the snow.

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