Top tips on c.vs and your social media profile

Published by: tgiuk

Published on: 15 Nov, 2016

TGIUK recently ran a workshop on how to put a CV together for the job market in the UK together with  some top tips on your social media profile. Here are a few of the many insights that came out of the discussion:

Some people told us that British employers are looking for British experience so we discussed expanding your networks by going to events, going on short courses and posting on LinkedIn to make the contacts who can give you that experience.

Thanks very much to our guest speaker, Cristina for encouraging everyone with lots of good stuff but particularly the phrase, ‘failure is temporary -everything is a process of growing’.

Ten top tips:

  1. Introduce yourself in a short personal statement at the top
  2. Don’t put in personal information such as your date of birth or your marital status
  3. Set out your achievements in each role, not just what you did
  4. Employers are most interested in the last five years of your career so put most attention there
  5. Tailor your c.v. each time you send it out
  6. If you have good volunteering experience, share it
  7. Follow the companies you want to work for on social media
  8. Be seen and be active on social media
  9. Have a consistent brand and a good photo across all social media sites
  10. Keep paying attention to your social media profiles and regularly update them

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