February 2020. In partnership with Union Chapel, TogetherintheUK holds ‘Making Migration Work’

On February we heard uplifting music, poetry and stories from first and second generation migrants to the UK.

We did this because:

  1. There are many people with very inspiring stories who have no platform. By running an event like ‘Making Migration Work’, we provided a space and an audience
  2. We have so much to learn from people who see the world differently
  3. One of the most profound learnings that came out of it was the importance of hope and kindness
  4. We need inspiration in these difficult times and the inspiration is easily found, by understanding each other a bit more, by being curious about each other and finding out what someone has overcome to be the person they are

To read about it, go to: Learning from Making Migration Work | TogetherInTheUK

To watch the event, go to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQNfPZeDt1w.