July 2019. TogetherintheUK Launches research report, ‘Moving Matters’ at the Migration Museum

TogetherintheUK launches ‘Moving Matters’, the challenges and solutions to creating a life in the UK’. The report looks at the challenges migrants face, how they solve them and what support they would like.

Karen Ang, the author of the report looked at the literature of migration, listened to what people were saying online about migrating to the UK and interviewed people to find out about their experience. She then synthesized these insights into a coherent whole, telling the story of what its like to make a life in the UK.

The report shines a light on British society, its quirks, who would have thought carpets were offensive to some people? And it shows how people work hard to create their new life and how they want to know the British a bit better.

‘I shared the report with all my friends, it was a way of telling them about my experience’ Adriana

To read the report: Moving Matters: The Challenges and Solutions to Creating a Life in the UK (togetherintheuk.co.uk)