TogetherintheUK is both proud and delighted to announce that in 2023, we will publish an anthology of the best entries to our 2021 inaugural StoryTelling Competition. Our publisher is the The Victorina Press, whose mission is to publish inspirational and great books. We know that our StoryTelling anthology will be both. We are excited that the founder of Victorina Press, Consuelo Rivera Fuentes, will be working closely with us on the project. Consuelo is a publisher who describes the anthology as at ‘the heart of what Victorina Press is about ’.

TogetherintheUK is thrilled that the original intention of our StoryTelling Competition – to provide a platform for people to share their migrant experience – will be realised through the publication of this book. We are especially proud that many of the authors will see their work in print.

Once again, we would like to give a huge thanks to our authors, our judges, and Union Chapel for hosting the Awards. And a special thank you to the many volunteers at TogetherintheUK, who worked extremely hard to make this competition and award ceremony such a success.